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Sunday, 30 August 2009

By Gum - A GumNut and some catch up

Yea - my GumNut Beanie for an adult is on the Dust Team Blog list of gift suggestions for Father's Day :-) the yarn is hand-spun undyed, natural coloured sheep and alpaca fleece.

My Etsy shops have been rather neglected in the last few weeks - and neglect is always immediately reflected in sales :-( but yesterday I listed some very old newspapers (from 1930) and they sold almost immediately VBG

I don't like to boast about knitting I've made for stage productions until the run is over - but I think I can show you a bit of the last Theatrical Knit now. It was for Bell Shakespeare Company's production of "Pericles" - wonderful costume and set designs by Julie Lynch. I knitted a striped vest for a fisherman - a very loose knit in banana silk yarn and self patterning sock yarn.

This vest featured some-what in the action - when Pericles is ship-wrecked for the 2nd or 3rd time (he makes a habit of it) he is rescued by some fishermen and when he complains that he is cold, one takes of his vest (the one I knitted) and gives it to Pericles.


  1. Congrats on Pericles vest...hope you got free tickets!

  2. Thanks - yes I did get to see the show and it was good, especially the costumes ;-)