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Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Blythe Story in Pictures

It is early spring where we live and today, Lillian found a nice place in the garden to sit and put the finishing touches on a lace blouse that she has knitted.  It is a gift, so Lillian has been making it in secret ...
I just have to sew the snaps on & it'll be finished ...

and she had to hide her work in a hurry when Imogen came down the path ...

I've been looking everywhere for you, dear Lillian

"Isn't it nice in the garden amongst the flowers?  And well, quite appropriate really - because ... remember how we had some fabric left over from all the Handkerchief dresses we made?"  said Imogen

 "Well, I've made you a little dress for Spring, it has flowers on.  I hope you like it."
It's so pretty!

"But goodness gracious! we are alike - " said Lillian 
"You've been making me a pretty dress and I've been making something for you.  Do you like it?"
Oh, I love it!
So Lillian put the last stitches in the fastenings and both girls put on their new Spring clothes.

Shall we go for a walk about the garden?

 "I'm so glad you've come to live with us Imogen" said Lillian.

"And I'm very happy to be here and to have found such a lovely friend"  said Imogen.