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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dye & Spin Experiment a Success - Resilience

Last post I had just dyed a whole lot of wool roving and was being mysterious about what I was planning to do with it ...


I like variegated yarn with long lengths of colour, when knitted up it gives a banded look, however, most of the commercially available yarns with long length colour variegation are really expensive and/or single construction (not plyed) which means they wear very poorly. So I've been dreaming of spinning up my own for ages and at last I've worked out how to do it. Long lengths of colour, plied and nice and thick (about 12ply).

The yarn is mostly Bendigo Woolen Mills 'Readyspin', the charcoal came that colour, I dyed the green and yellow.

I'm calling this colour-way 'Resilience' because it is inspired by the way the Australian bush bounces back after a fire. It is amazing how (when the bush-fire has been fast and not-too-hot) only 6 to 9mths later those apparently dead trees are sprouting new green growth all over their blackened branches and in the spring there are wildflowers and wattles in bloom. Amazing resilience! The charcoal is for all the burnt branches etc, the green is the new growth and the yellow .... that's the wattle blossom.

Now, what to knit with it ??


  1. I love the story about the inspiration behind the name and colour. It just shows how strong at surviving mother nature is.. something we as humans should learn to be. Great job in bringing out those colours, I love them!

  2. Thanks Celeste - and bravo for understanding my unstated link to us humans :-)