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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Well Red! Well, umm Red

OK bad pun!   but I realised yesterday that a lot of my recent projects are of a reddish hue ...
Have listed this scarf on Etsy -

It is hand-knitted from 2 Japanese (Habu) yarns held together - one is cotton the other is a very fine stainless steel thread wound with silk.  Fabulous stitch definition and you can stretch the edge into frilly-ness and the steel wire will hold the shape - Wonderful!   It wasn't very pleasant to knit ... 2 yarns held together gets 'splitty' and you have to concentrate.  But it isn't scratchy at all - that steel thread is very fine.

More knitting - this time for a very good friend.

Not quite as plain as it looks - there is darting at the waist to make it nicely fitted and the 'sleeve heads' (top of the sleeves) are shaped as you do in sewn garments ... a little bit more fabric at the back of the arm & a little less at the front.

The shawl collar is shaped with short rows and I worked the shoulder seams with grafting. 

Another job for a friend - this jacket needed alterations to make it smaller - love all the fabulous styling and details!

 Very Tyrolian - rich red wool fabric with dark khaki -

rustic (plastic actually) buttons (all non-functioning, the edge-to-edge fastening is with hooks & eyes)  and some fancy stitching at the faux pockets and ...

at the back.

Love that fabulous tiny insert of the green down the centre back seam and on the shoulders.
There is the label -

And now - some knitting for Bythe Dolls - for sale on Etsy

A Candy Cane top - all asymmetrical & striped.

And a Bright Red swimsuit - quite " Va Va Voom " as worn by Audrey the Super Model.