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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fashioned by Lyndell Etsy Shop Update

I've a lot of new / old sewing and knitting patterns on the "Fashioned by Lyndell" shop.  De-stashing some of my pattern collections.

Don't you just love the photographs in those old knitting pattern booklets? Everything from sweet children ...

To these cool guys wearing a really deep V-neck style that must have been really fashionable at the time.  This photo really needs a caption
"Hi dude!  Have you noticed my cool hair-cut?"

The women really 'work' a variety of looks through the decades :
 This lady is leading with her chin but the man behind her looks quite sinister!

 But I don't think anything will frighten this blonde woman - or perhaps she is feeling triumphant that she escaped wearing the beanie!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Food without Calories or Kilojoules

After Christmas and the party season ...?

But it has been a while since I made some play-food for my grandchildren - see these posts for the felt-food I made previously:
Fruit&Veg (& some food I bought)
Mugs of Coffee, Tea etc (scroll through towards the end of that post).

They both still love playing with all that fake food so out came the patterns and bits of felt and I've been stitching up some more vegetables ...

Mushroom and brown Onion

I'm particularly proud of the onion - added lots of machine stitching and used the thread ends to make some dry 'roots'.

 A big green capsicum or sweet pepper. 

And a couple of lettuce leaves - and these do look good put between the 'slices of bread' that I'd made before.

All the patterns for those vegies are from the very clever Etsyian Umecrafts ...

The pattern for this tart is also on Etsy - FairyFox
I used plastic rather than card as the stiffener so the 'food' can be washed. 

Here is the slice o'tart base  sitting on the plastic that is all cut for the rest of the tart - lots of holes punched through so that I can stitch through the plastic to the top layer of felt - see those cute dimples?

And here are all the parts for the slice o'tart ...  I had to dye the 'custard' myself as the shops had only really bright 'fluro' yellow felts! which would not be very appetising.  I'm quite proud of the colour I managed to dye :-)
I also added embroidered 'seeds' to the strawberries and I made some slices of apricot - didn't use those ... I might have to make some play Peach Melba??

OK - who can resist an opportunity like this?!

So here is the slice all "plated up" ...

And the rest of the tart - with all the blueberries & the 'cream' on ... Pretty with all the different shades of purple ...

One last picture of the finished tart 

With all that food around I don't understand why my dear ole' Cornish Rex was sitting by her plate & giving me her best "I'm being really really patient but ..." face.
"My plate is empty ..."