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Thursday, 7 February 2013

BlytheStar Update

In my BlytheStar Etsy shop I'm now offering a couple of services.

For 'skinny leg' trousers -  I can knit a pair of these for your doll in the colour of your choice.  

And (completely different) I'm offering a Passport Service.  Because every Blythe needs a passport for her shopping trips to Paris!
"I have my passport - when do we go?"

Passports are personalised with the doll's photo and details - they can even choose the colour of the cover!

I've listed some new jewelry - including earrings for those dolls with pierced ears.

There are new Party Frocks hand knitted in sparkly metallic yarns.
My own pattern - the design was based on some dresses I saw for humans.  These dresses come with matching bead necklaces - and there are 2 necklaces to choose from for each dress.
Girls ready to Party !
And finally - there is this raincoat and matching cap of lovely, shiny, cherry red, Italian 'pleather'.  I'm very proud of this outfit - that contrast top-stitching was difficult to sew neatly.
Violetta is "Singing in the Rain"