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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Some of my bits are on Display!

What an exhibitionist!

And what a busy week it has been ... I've a bit of costume-sewing work at the moment AND I've been helping out back-stage at this year's Theatre Costume Showcase at Ultimo TAFE so I've been doing 12+ hour days and all at full-pace with not a moment to sneeze!

Part of the Showcase is an exhibition in 'The Muse' and the Munchkin costume I made last year is on display with all the other Munchkins.

Our Munchkins were full-grown adults walking on their knees, hence the over-sized foam 'shoes'. My Munchkin was an over-weight dandy c.1810 so he had a 'fat-suit', mad baggy trousers (lots of ribbon etc sewn into stripes), vest, tail coat, towering high collar with shirt frill and cravat (tied in the 'Romantic' manner) also mauve knitted gloves, a walking stick and a purple top hat.

The mauve lace on the shirt frills is tatting - I did most of it while on the bus to work and got lots of stares!

The Showcase exhibition is free and well worth a visit - with lots of fabulous work on display. Munchkins, Crinolines, Tutus ... and some spectacular Major Works.

AND today was the opening of The Sydney Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Powerhouse (just up the road from The Muse!).

An amazing gathering of creativity and it really does look like coral reef. Had great fun trying to find my small contributions ...

Unfortunately I can't claim the gorgeous pink 'nautilus' but one of my corals is underneath it.

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