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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Kitten Ears

Who could resist knitting some Kitten Ears for their granddaughter?

This is a vintage (1950s?) pattern - Paragon brand (from New Zealand) and they call this a "Bunny Bonnet" - well it doesn't look like much laid flat but when put on a round head the points become ears - not quite large enough for a bunny really, more like a kitten or possum. I did adapt very slightly by making a button-up, under-chin strap instead of ribbon ties. My daughter is phobic about long ribbons near baby necks - I quite see her point! and it is amazing - nearly every knitting pattern for babies (new and vintage) features ribbon ties.

The yarn was left over from teh outfit I made for the 4th "Knitting for Blythe" swap on Ravelry ... (I must post you some photos) anyways, it is a self-patterning sock yarn called "Jigsaw".

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Knitted bolero for my Niece

Well, I got both knitted pressies for my sister's twins finished in time but only just. I started this bolero months ago - and then put it aside. The yarn is from Bendigo Woolen Mills - 12ply and they call the colour "Seamist" - I added the darker bits myself and am quite chuffed with the result. The photo below shows the colours better.

The pattern is (like the hooded jacket) from a French pattern book - and it was all in French but the fantastically detailed schematics once again made it possible for me to work things out. I did change things somewhat (those who know me will know that I seldom actually follow a pattern!) The original had a shawl-style collar and plain sleeves to the wrist. My niece loves dancing and especially Spanish / flamenco style dancing - so I'm indulging this (it is part of the job of an Auntie) hence the frilly bits on this bolero - and the rose with matching bit - which is mounted on a hair-clip (all Spanish dancers need a rose for their hair!).

I rather enjoy being an Auntie :-)