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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dress Ups

As a Costumier (lurv that word - it is just a fancy pants way of saying "costume maker") I have strong opinions about costumes, even dress-up fun costumes for little people. Our grandson has lots of commercial SuperPerson outfits, most involve a cape but what disappointing capes they are. Mean, thin rectangles of fabric that velcro to the shoulders - HURRUMPH! you can't play with that - all they do is flutter behind when the child runs (something the child can't even see!). A Cape HAS to be at least 3/4 of a circle it has to be generous so that you can swish it about and fly with it and hide your face with it like Zorro ... a Cape should be a gorgeous garment that you can be imaginative with.

A Cape like this one! it is a whole circle :-) fully reversible, with disco fake sequin stuff one side / silver satin the other. I decided to avoid the traditional SuperPerson / cartoon character colours (bue, red, black) because I'd like my grandson to invent his own character ... here is the back with his initial.
Granddaughter is getting a costume too - seems we can't avoid the gender stereotyping (super-hero for boys, tutu pretties for girls - hmmmm I could do a rant but I'll spare you). At least this is an Australian prettiness - a May Gibbs style Gum-Blossom Baby - I got carried away with the tulle, less would've made a good Ragged Blossom.

I dyed a cotton body-suit (Americans call them Onesies) it went nice and blotchy - squares of nylon tulle (the soft type so she won't be all prickly) bunched and hand-stitched, mini pom-poms stitched at random to represent the pollen.

I'm chuffed with the way these turned out - hope the little ones like them too.

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