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Friday, 10 April 2009

Knitting & Spinning - it's a good yarn

Knitting - have done some finishing - these two are for my grandchildren.

The mauve jacket is a heavily adapted pattern, I had lots of fun with the lantern sleeves.

The many-buttoned jacket is a Touch Yarns pattern, and in their possum yarn - which is yummy and soft with a halo of fuzz. This jacket took a while to knit as I was bored with all the garter stitch but I'm happy with it now it is done - the buttons are metal. There is to be a little teddy bear who will live in the big pocket of this jacket, the bear is all knitted but I had to tidy my stash-room and now I can't find where I put the toy stuffing! Can't find it anywhere ... grrrr I'm going to have to buy some more ... Moral of this story? Never Tidy your Stash/es.

Spinning - last Saturday we went to Robertson to a show organised by the Black & Coloured Sheep Breeders Assoc. Couldn't believe the really really black sheep they have now. I bought 2 bags full (not quite like the ole nursery rhyme). A 1/2 black fleece which I've started spinning - in the grease VBG spins up a dream and so dark ... just like strong black coffee. The other is Border Leicester, a yummy warm grey, slightly coarse to the touch ... I'll spin it in the grease too.

Spinning cont. - have also been spinning the yarn for that 2nd Wire Hat (see previous post) this is Bendigo Woolen Mills sliver - "redcurrant" - trying to get a soft, lofty thick yarn.