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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Finger Crochet on wire frame hat

Hoorah! this is easier than I thought it would be - and much faster than wrapping nasty prickly tulle around the wires. I'm finger-crochetting over the wires.I've spun the yarn myself (from Bendigo Woollen Mills' sliver in "Red Currant") nice and chunky - once the wire is all covered I'll stitch on some very chunky knitting, cables etc. So this is going to be a chunky, thick hat; which is turning the whole purpose of making a wire-frame hat on its head, so to speak! tee hee I'm being naughty - again.


  1. cant wait to see this! (pressure's on !)
    i have no idea why Bendigo Woollen Mills stopped doing their 95% wool 5% silk blend? i got some 'persian berry' deep pink on ebay a couple of years ago but they dont have it on their website :(

  2. Oh dear - the pressure really is on - both the wire frame hats are supposed to be finished for marking next Tuesday!

    Ooo was that wool & silk in sliver for spinning? sounds lovely. I don't think BWM have all their stock on the web-site - I'd give them a phone call just in case they've still got some out the back. :-)