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Friday, 17 April 2009

Beanie, Bonnets, Beetles, Blythes ...

Lots of Etsy activity this week :-) best of all I've had a couple of sales - a baby's frilly playsuit with matching sun-bonnet and a vintage knitting pattern. The playsuit & sunbonnet were new-sewn from one of my fav vintage sewing patterns - I've used the pattern so often the tissue paper is more sticky-tape than tissue ! I used 2 co-ord fabrics with cute ladybird prints and made 2 sets - one for my little granddaughter and one for etsy.

The vintage knitting pattern sale was rather marvelous and you really do have to love the www sometimes. Fancy a knitting pattern, over 60 yrs old (WW2 time), a Sun-Glo - so published in Australia, Australian designs - and it is now on its way to Norway. I think that is just so lovely.

Also on Etsy I've listed the latest member of my GumNut family - a GumBlossom beanie for an adult "Little Ragged Blossom".

I've also listed 2 theatrical bonnets - they are made to theatrical standards (very robust) and are quite accurate to the fashion of the 1850s Crinoline era and the Jane Austin era. Have mixed feelings about putting them up for sale as I just can't charge enough to compensate for the hours spent making them - all that hand-sewing :-/ but I'm never going to wear them, they take up space and I'd rather have them being used than sitting in a box and deteriorating.

In other news - I'm madly knitting very small cute clothes - I've signed up for the 4th International Knitting for Blythe dolls Swap on Ravelry. My swap partner has 4 Blythes and I can't bring myself to knit for only 1 and disappoint the others so .... lots of wee garments flying off my dpns :-) but I'll have to be a tease, I can't show you pictures until those 4 Bythes have all their knitted things.

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