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Friday, 24 December 2010

Twas the day before Christmas ...

We had an early Christmas with our grandchildren before we left Melbourne :-)
and I gave them the 1st installment of the Alphabet Project. Here it is hanging on the wall ... it works Yea!

Grandson likes the bat the best ... it is a Boo the Bat by Mochimochi, a perfect size for a little person and he loves the way the wings button up and unbutton for flying ...
Granddaughter likes the baby fish because it is "pinkie" and has "Big eyes - like moine!"

The pattern is Glubby Goldfish by Cheezombie on Etsy

She also loves the dragon a Norbetta and the pink Cockatoo - Oh - you've not seen this one.

I managed to get 3 cockatoos knitted up in time, see the previous post for the Sulphur Crested Cockie, here is a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo - adapted from the same pattern by Barbara Lennon - the tail is a bit over-wide, cheek patches are embroidered on after -

and a Major Mitchell Cockatoo - which gets granddaughter's vote because it is a "Pinkie"

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