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Monday, 6 December 2010

pre Christmas Panic

As always my plans for masses of wonderful Christmas gifts have far exceeded my capacity to make them all.

Have been knitting up a flurry of snowflakes, living in Australia means that Christmas time is closely associated with snow ... NOT !!!
but they are pretty. Here is the 1st batch of snowflakes pinned out to dry :-)
Now I've talked a lot about the big Alphabet Project for my grandchildren - making (mostly knitted) toys for each letter of the alphabet and a pocket thing with the letters and names on ... This is such a mega project that I've decided to give the grandchildren just from A to G this Christmas ... with rest to follow later when I finally finish them.

I had already made an Ant for the letter A - but I simply couldn't resist making the totally traditional Apple as well ... and yes I am typing this on an Apple laptop (product placement warning folks!)

The pocket things are also quite time-consuming. Here are some progress pictures - they are A4 sized doubled felt "flags" with the letters appliqued on

Then pockets to hold the toys, made of cotton drill with the names of the toys painted on in screen-printing goop. Which has to be heat-set ... lots of ironing (oh don't we love ironing NOT!)

Photos of the finished "flags" next post

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