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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Alphabet Soup

Promised in the last blog to show you the finished 'flags / pockets' for the 1st part of the Alphabet project.

With Christmas looming I've decided to give the grands A to G with the rest to follow once they are made (H will be a horse - My Kingdom for a Horse!) sorry I digress ...

Here is A - G hanging on the clothes line
And a close up on the letter B which has extra things sewn on ...

Now you may have noticed that in the top photo the letter C looks rather empty ... that is because when I took that photo I still hadn't finished a Cockatoo ! Finished the 1st one this morning - a Sulphur Crested Cocky :-)

Very happy with this cheeky looking Critter - think I've managed to get that slightly 'punk', rather over-confident, slightly Bob Hawke look that I love in the real birds.

Am planning to knit up a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo & a Major Mitchell. The pattern is another of Barbara Lennon's in the Cleckheaton out of print booklet. Slight adaptations including making the feet and beak in knitting (instead of felt fabric).

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