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Friday, 10 September 2010


Back from a lovely time in Melbourne with our gorgeous daughter and the grands :-)

Finished the madly purple twinset for granddaughter while I was there:

Loosely based on vintage (early 50s) patterns, I kettle dyed the yarn which is Bendigo's "Luxury 4 ply".

Here are both littles wearing their twinkly capes:
Whenever I go to Melbs I take my Blythe doll, Lillian so that she can catch up with my daughter's doll, BiBi. Lillian travels in a shoe box in my hand luggage, I've put a "window" in the lid of the box and she often causes consternation with airport security staff. Lillian shows up on the xray machine and if they open my bag, the last thing they expect is a huge eyed dolly looking up at them - snicker snicker evil grin!

Here are BiBi and Lillian wearing their new blouses and skirts made from the Simplicity sewing pattern - the skirts are in a lovely vintage cotton and that is the very last of it :-( there is now not enough left to make "Tippets for Mice"*.

* Beatrix Potter "The Tailor of Gloucester".

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