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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More Blossom & Anna Karenina the Tea Cosy

More blossom inspired yarn - hand spun and (the coloured parts) hand dyed. Pretty peach blossom

I was thinking of citrus / lemon & orange flowers as I was spinning this, but now it reminds me frangipani -

A little while ago I had been busy torturing a doll and promised to let you know more about the project ... well here is that poor tortured dolly

She has become a tea cosy - my entry in Leichhardt Public School P&C Association's "Creative Tea Cosy" competition. Entries available at "A Coffee and A Yarn". It's a good excuse to knit up an idea I had a while ago when a friend said that she liked Russian Caravan Tea ... surely a tea pot full of Russian Caravan Tea would require a suitable cosy? BTW: she is sitting on a ball in the photo, she does have the side splits for spout and handle.

Tea Cosies are essentially kitsch and some of the kitschiest cosies are those with a dolly - they were often dressed as "little Dutch girls" but sometimes as very frilly crinoline ladies. It is probable that those tea cosy dolls were the ancestors of toilet-roll dolls. But back to Anna Karenina ... thick chenille yarn (beastly to work with but it has that velvet look) with white eye-lash yarn (even worse to work with). There is a knitted lining, of red wool. Glass beads for the 'buttons' and on the hat which also has feathers.

The tips of ordinary feathers picked up when walking through parks - thoroughly washed and I curled the barbs.

Today I also made some hair clips for my granddaughter - went through my stash of bits & pieces, stitched things together and a bit of hot-glue gun for good measure -

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