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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Plotting and Planning

Sometimes the plotting and planning of a project is the very best bit - and sometimes a project proceeds no further than that stage! But let me tell you of my latest schemes :-)

Now I may have mentioned before that I have a very large collection of vintage knitting patterns ... one I've had for a very long time is also one of the oldest in my collection. A Patons & Baldwins "Helps to Knitters" leaflet No: 2324 - probably dates from the early 1930s. There are 2 patterns in the leaflet - only they are called "Recipes".

Don't you just love the snooty model - she looks so terribly bored (and so terribly thin!)

I've been wanting to knit this little top for decades and finally I've found some yarn which I think will work. You see, back in the 1920s and 30s a lot of handknits were in rayon yarns - and in my work with vintage clothing I have seen (and fondled) some rayon handknits ... lovely things :-) Rayon has a sheen and great stitch definition for lace knitting. But until recently, rayon yarn was just not obtainable - until all the bamboo yarns came on the market. "Bamboo" is just a rayon fibre made (we presume) from bamboo rather than from crop waste or timber or some other source of cellulose. Unfortunately, most of the bamboo yarns are in the thicker plys and the vintage knits call for thinner stuff ... but I stumbled upon this 4ply Cleckheaton Bamboo at my favourite yarn shop + cafe - A Coffee and A Yarn YIPPEE

Now I wonder if I can get the snooty look and thin arms (well maybe not that thin!) by the time I finish the garment?

There is also a great deal of plotting and planning is going on in the dolly department.

Simplicity have issued a pattern for Blythe doll clothes - mine arrived today from This is Blythe and Lillian is trying to decide what she would like first - her pet green bird is trying to help but I think he is confusing matters somewhat.

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