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Monday, 12 July 2010

Been away but now ... I'm Baack!

Had a lovely time with our daughter and grandkids :-) spent some wonderful quality time together. Ahhh if only we all lived in the same city - or state even!

Gave daughter the big, warm cardigan with "random rabbits" - finished it just in time :-)

the Back and a Sleeve.

My intarsia is far from perfect but the bunnies looked OK with some knit-stitch embroidery - gave them all very fluffy tails with some eye-lash yarn. Daughter says that wearing the cardigan is like "a hug from mum" :-)

Grandson got a Pirate's Beanie ... he loves dressing up as a pirate, and pirates ALWAYS wear stripes! I incorporated his favourite colour - green - and based the shape on a vintage pattern, the motif is a purchased sew-on type.

Darling grandson also did some 'modelling' of his Retro Vest (see previous posts ... it is based on a Vintage pattern called "Lance").

I've several knitting projects for our granddaughter that are not-quite-finished ... but so she doesn't feel left out of this post, here she is modelling a beanie I made some time ago.

A Cleckheaton pattern # 951 "Cocoon Baby" - I dyed the yarn with “blossom spots” in pink and green.

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