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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Still Here - just been very busy

Oh my poor neglected Blogs ... I have been really busy.  Well - perhaps I'll show you some of the things that have kept me busy of late.  

Been making lots of things my Blythe dolls' Etsy shop Blythe Star.  First there were some handkerchief dresses.

Tried to make the most of the hankies with their wonderful scalloped borders -

The shorter dresses have built-in petticoats - and here is Audrey being a bit saucy!

Then I got out the jewelry making gear
 and put together lots of Blythe Bling .... necklaces. 

Most of the charms are food related, I've used magnetic clasps because I find them really easy to use (regular clasps are fiddly on a doll and the hair gets caught).
  And most sit about mid-chest on a Blythe.
Let Them Eat Cake !
There are some necklaces that would be great for Halloween
or Pumpkin perhaps
 With Halloween at the end of the month I thought I would make some big black dramatic dolly capes ... they've been quite a success  :-)   I've 2 left in the shop now - one with purple lining

And one with Orange.   Both capes are a circle plus - with almost 'Watteau pleats' at the back so they hang in nice theatrical folds.  Black sheeny fabric (a good quality Rayon lining fabric) - capes & hoods fully lined.  I'm proud of this hood pattern - it is full enough to accommodate doll's hair and has that 'romantic' flattering loose fit around the face ... and it has a Pixie Point!   Both these capes have cotton fringing on the edge of the hood - all rather witchy don't you think?

Well - enough of the cross-promotion ... this little green dress is not for sale.   Made this for my Granddaughter's faux Blythe doll.   Here is Audrey doing the modelling - the dress is another made from my 'recipe'    see the link at the top of the blog for the pattern - is free.

 Talking of fake - last weekend I started on this project and now there are little tufts of fake fur all over the house!
They are backpacks / soft-toys ...  the zips go behind the heads.  The pattern is about 10yrs old and much used!  There is a puppy, a teddy and a bunny - though I've also made a tiger and a kitten with just a change to the ear shape  :-)     This time I'm making a brown puppy for my grandson and 2 mauve bunnies - 1 for granddaughter, one for me!   and that is a tummy and hind legs you can see in the photo.  All fabrics from my stash and my bunny will have grey ears because I ran out of the mauve ... even with lots of clever cutting!

 One last project - and don't tell Audrey because this is for her; because she has been such a good little model and because she loves all things red!   A red satin cape with black lining - organza frills about the face. 

 Well, more soon - promise   :-)

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