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Monday, 15 October 2012

Parcels - it's all about parcels

Getting a parcel is wonderful fun.  These days I don't get parcels from my grandmother so I find other ways to ensure that nice little boxes with lots of sticky tape all over them, keep arriving on the door-step. 

One way is to participate in (or organise) swaps of Blythe Doll goodies - which I do through Ravelry.   Violetta got to open the latest parcel ...  

 And she called Bird and Julia over because ...
Another one of US !!!
De-boxing a LPS Blythe can be arduous ...  there are lots of knots and things
Here are last - little Heidi the Hiker.  Julia likes her pantaloons and Bird approves of her ponytails. 
 Heidi offered everyone a 'lick' of her lollypop and then she showed off her
"'tremely cool sunglasses"   but Bird got the giggles ...
Those sunnies are really quite funny
 Meanwhile - Violetta had found more things in the parcel - all in pretty pink paper ...


"Well - this certainly IS a lovely dress and beautifully made but somehow I think it is more Audrey's style ... "

and here is Audrey wearing the completely wonderful Audrey Hepburn outfit ... dress, gloves, pearls and tiara!   thank you "Squishy10"   from Ravelry for a great swap outfit. 

I must show you the outfits I made for this swap - in a future post.

The other way to make sure you get parcels is to buy things on the www.  When people discuss the decline of "bricks & mortar" shops & shopping this factor is never mentioned - but surely one of the best parts of on-line shopping is the arrival of the parcel - and by the time it arrives you've almost forgotten what you bought and you get that wonderful 'parcel opening' thrill ...

One of the doll's house / miniatures companies had a special on some kits that you have to put-together yourself ... I couldn't resist getting some natty little tables - very useful bits of furniture for problem corners.

Not sure when I'll get the time to put the kits together ...
Of course I'd bought some other things too ... a jardini√®re on a pedestal (I'll plant a fake aspidistra in it) a very nice ham with garnish and 3 little mice.   

All very Beatrix Potter's "Two Bad Mice"   (only there are 3!) 
Now to get the "two red lobsters ... a fish, a pudding, and some pears and oranges." 

Tom Thumb doesn't even need to carve this ham - it is already sliced

And the LPS Blythes had a very nice dinner to welcome Heidi ...


  1. Oh yes Lyndell ... getting parcels is like having Christmas all year round!! Some even say receiving a parcel is better than sex!! :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a fab swap parcel. I wish I was a member of ravelry. I don't think my one crochet blythe hat achievement qualifies me though lol :0)

    1. You should join - it is a great place for beginners - with loads of inspiration & patterns and ... that one hat will probably multiply :-)