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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hubby is an Exhibitionist

Tee hee did that get your attention?!?  

My Hubby Dear has some of his photography on exhibition at a Cafe in Newtown - upstairs at Berkelouw's Bookshop in O'Connell (just off King Street).

The official opening is Friday evening - the 11th May -  from 5.30.   Clik Here for the cafe's FaceBook page.

Alan uses old medium format TLR cameras with film and he does his own processing and developing - all old style in a dark room.  Black & White and completely non-digital.

The medium format & the 'wet-processing' give Alan's photos a nostalgic feel and some of the pictures in this exhibition were taken a while ago - remember those red rattler trains?

The Exhibition is on until the 3rd June.


  1. Love great black and white photography created the "old fashioned" way. It's good to see there are some photographers who still love the art!

  2. Thanks :-) he's quite pleased with himself as he has sold 6 photos! Me, I'd be jumping over the moon!!!
    But yes - old fashioned photos do look different to digital. They are about light going through a glass lens ... no pixie pixels! Though I'd miss the ease in touch-ups ... am always taking the shine off my Blythe dolls' faces ;->