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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Yellow & Fluffy ... again ?!

Oh no - not more - is this woman obsessed with fluffy yellow stuff?   

Well, this is different fluffy stuff - not feathers this time but wool ...

Yes, I've had my cauldron  Dye Pot out - creating coloured yarn for spinning (and other) projects.

The wool is Bendigo Woollen Mills ReadySpin sliver - this yellow is a mix of LandScapes' Camomile and some left-over Dylon (name unknown, sorry).  The 1st batch is a yummy bright golden yellow, the 2nd batch came out lighter. 

I'll be using both these yellows to spin up some Australian Botany inspired yarn - the paler yellow will make great wattle flowers :-)

I'm a completely un-scientific dyer and love to experiment - a bit of this with a bit of that colour ...

Anyway, in every dye session I usually manage to produce at least one colour that wasn't exactly planned - let's call it experimental.  And we'll call this colour Rust.  
Mostly Landscapes' Sarsparilla.

Now for the reason I started this dye-session - I needed to make some fairy-floss pink ...

and here are two batches of pinkness spread out for drying.

And a close-up.   Mostly Dylon's Tahitian Rose  with a touch of Landscapes' Sarsparilla.  Very happy with this very sugary pinkness.

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