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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spinning & Spun Sugar

So what have I done with the wool that I dyed & showed you in the last post?

The brighter of the 2 yellows has been spun together with some commercially dyed roving (aka sliver) to make this.

The brown is Bendigo Woollen Mills ReadySpin  in  Russet.

The inspiration is the 'egg and bacon' flowers that are so common in the Australian bush.

The proper Latin name for the genus is Dillwynia, they are part of the 'pea' family - endemic to Australia.  There are lots of species - most have yellow & red/brown flowers that remind hungry Australians of  breakfast.  I've reversed the colours; in the flowers the yellow is dominant - in my yarn the russet brown in about 75% and the strong yellow only about 25%.

I'll be selling most of my Dillwynia inspired yarn in my Etsy shop - should get it listed in the next couple of days.

And now for that Fairy Floss pink dyed wool ... most of it has become "Fairy Floss" (aka Spun Sugar / Cotton Candy / Candy Floss / barbe à papa) for Blythe dolls.

There is to be a big meeting of Blythe Fan(atic)s in Sydney on the 23rd June - the theme is "Candyland".  Here is the Poster ...  and here for More Info

Candy - Lollies - Sweeties -  num num   

The Fairy Floss is my contribution to the Goodie Bags ... 

Might have to put in a note that it is not actually edible.

Audrey helped me to make all that "fairy-floss"  and took her job as Quality Control Officer very seriously.
"Now, let's see, the colour is good, but the construction of this stick is a little loose.  Does Not Pass."

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