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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yellow, Fluffy & they go Cheep Cheep

The little LPS Blythes have been very busy rehearsing and practicing, going to costume fittings and dance classes ... all because they are going to part of a big Stage Show with some Easter time numbers.

Julia and Bird are going to be 'Chickadees'  ...  fluffy yellow baby chickens and here are some sneak preview photos from a dress rehearsal.

Bird : We have one song, it is a little bit silly because we have to sing a lullaby to lots of eggs!

Julia :  Well, it is the stage my dear - lots of things are a little bit silly on the stage.  I like to think that it is all rather cute.

Bird :  Oh, I think we do Cute quite well darling. 

 Julia : Yes sweetie I quite agree.  Well the Lullaby to the Eggs number ends and we go straight into a big dance number with lots of High Kicking - it is quite spectacular.
Bird : And exhausting sweetie - quite exhausting!  
 Julia : Our friend Violetta is in the show too and she has lots of dance routines - I'm rather glad we only have the one!
Bird : Quite so darling.  We join Violetta (in another post we'll show you some photos of her in costume)  for one of her big numbers and we have to ride about & pose on this big Chicken sitting in a Basket prop as it gets wheeled about the stage.
Julia : Yes sweetie, and it is quite difficult to hold on to the big chicken but we must keep smiling ... no matter what!
Bird : Well my dearest, that's show-business.  Smile even though there are feathers up your nose, Smile even though you are sliding off a big chicken ... just keep smiling and everyone will think you are very cute.
Julia : Oh I do hope so - because really it is all quite a lot of fun being a 'Chickadee' on the Stage.

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