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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Get Mending! A Workshop

This Saturday - 17th March - from 1pm - I'm going to be facilitating the first of 3 workshops at the Green Living Centre (aka The Watershed) 218 King St, Newtown.

This first workshop will be all about Mending clothes ... the virtuous frugality of Make Do & Mend will also help save our environment.  Think of the amount of water* and energy it takes to make a T-shirt.
Learn how to get a few more years from a favourite jumper ...
Underarm disaster!

Manage very nearly almost completely invisible mends in knit fabrics and woven.
Can you see the mend?
Hide those mends that are visible - and turn an "Opps!" into a "Design Feature".
Underneath those pretty flowers lurk glue stains

Have fun with Patches.

Hem? What hem?

Learn how to fix a hem so it doesn't show

and how to sew on those buttons so they don't fall off again!

We'll even learn what you are meant to do with one of these :-)

For more information about this and the following workshops:
Marrickville Council website
City of Sydney website 
The Watershed on facebook
phone: 9519 6366

Shop front 218 King Street Newtown - hours: 10am-4pm Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-7pm Thursdays.

Cotton T-Shirt ... takes a whopping 400 gallons of water to grow the cotton required for an ordinary cotton shirt.  (source:

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