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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What we did on our Holidays - part 1 - Perth

Just back from 3weeks away in Melbourne and Perth visiting family - it was a MEGA Christmas.  
The 2 Simply cousins, Audrey and Violetta came to Perth with us. 
Do you think all these pressies are for us?
We stayed at a cheap hotel which is about to be renovated.  This is a shame in a way because I doubt that they'll replace the vintage bottle opener fitted to the wall in the bathroom ...
And, sorry, I know we shouldn't mention such things, but why do hotels & motels do this to the toilet paper?

I do admire the skill and care that goes into folding toilet paper into neat points but ...

The hotel in Perth went one better - the tissues were pointy too!


The girls decided to stay on the shelf - it was just their cup of tea!

They also did plenty of exploring - mostly in Kings Park
Indiana Audrey

They found old trees with wonderful dolly-sized hollows in them

Dollies debating what living in a tree hollow would be like

And trees with lovely colours

Also wonderfully coloured birds ...
Rainbow Lorikeet

Pink & Grey Galah (Cacatua roseicapilla)

Finally here is a view of the Swan River with the old brewery in the foreground - this was taken from the Tree-Top Walk in Kings Park which is not recommended for folk who get vertigo!
  It was a typically hot Perth day - but with wonderful clouds - Cirrus (I think?).


  1. It looks lovely there! :) Heheh the girls look like they had a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks ... I'll do more pics from Perth, it is a pretty place but at this time of the year it is hot - meltingly so!