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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Paws Awhile

Sorry but I do love silly puns and I have been making paws.
They are for a mascot costume - a dog. Built around a pair of cotton gloves, padded and 2 fingers are stitched together for that cartoon animal look. I was having a lot of angst about making these paws as I've seen quite a few disasters with costume gloves and animal paws. But I made these about 3 dozen times in-my-head and when I finally plucked up the courage to sew them for real - they went really smoothly :-) I'm quite chuffed with them as I think they achieve that compromise between looking like a cartoon animal & being wearable.
Have also been knitting a hand covering - a fingerless glove. There are not many garments or styles that I dislike but I have issues with fingerless gloves - traumatised by too many episodes of "Steptoe & Son". However, I've been commissioned to knit a whole lot of things for a stage production and one item is a pair of these objects. SO - in an attempt to overcome my distaste and to get my head around how they are knitted and to show the designer what sort of yarn works best - I've knitted a sample ...
This was the prettiest free pattern I could find on Ravelry (if you are a Rav member here is a link ) I used "jitterbug" Colinette's sock yarn. The 'real' mitts for the stage production will not be so pretty - I think I'm going to be knitting in distressing; holes etc to make them look old & tatty. Urrrrgh way to Steptoe!

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