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Monday, 25 October 2010

Intergenerational Creativity

Have been in Melbourne for my grandson's 4th birthday ... 4yrs old - Gosh!

My gorgeous daughter made a great play-mat for her boy to play with his cars in an imaginative way. A piece of AstroTurf with some of the 'grass' plucked out to make a road. I helped with some road-making while I was there ... plucking plastic grass is very slow & tedious work! The houses are more of my daughter's creativity - yoghurt tubs with masking tape, paint ... and little boy made garages from some boxes - it must be genetic :-)

Daughter is far more artistic than I am - she gets that from darling Hubby's side (his mum is an artist). I love it that our daughter is painting & creating again; she needs to paint as I need to make things. When she was a little thing I used to sew and knit 'around her' when she would not settle to sleep without me - just as now, she paints 'around' her little one ...
To me, that is what a Yummy Mummy looks like.

Her current works are quite 'woodland', almost cute animals with a dark background - quite sweet but not kitsch. Like this critter - not quite of this earth ...

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