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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Autumnal Crafting

Must be something to do with the season - I've been working with a lot of yummy russet browns, tans, oranges and berry colours.

There is a new yarn shop in my neighborhood - called "A Coffee and A Yarn" it is both a cafe + a yarn shop ... in other words, it is my version of heaven :-) Spent part of last weekend there are simply couldn't resist the last 2 balls of heavenly soft, Eli Riva BabySilk Cashmere (70% baby alpaca, 20% silk 10% cashmere) in a yummy russet / brick colour. Have already started turning it into a "shawlette" (198yds. of Heaven by Christy Verity this link through Ravelry).

This is going to be a match 'made in heaven' for my favourite overcoat - as well as an excellent match with my kitchen tiles :-)

In a previous post I showed you some crochet trim I got to do at work (being paid to do craft - Heavenly!) well, we had to alter the orange version and so I had to replace the crochet trim. This time it was a cotton yarn and as I did the unravelling of the original trim, I was able to work out what they had done originally and reproduce it ...
This photo also shows the fabric of the garment - knitted cotton - made on a knitting machine or a commercially manufactured fabric (I think).

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