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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pirate Oufit Aaarrh - and Pretty Birdies

Our grandson loves role-play and dressing up, his current favourite character is ... Pirate Aaarrrrhh!

Daughter found a cheap "Pirate Captain" bicorne hat for him and I've just finished a quick Pirate vest

Striped lining because Pirates wear stripes, a little triangle neck-kerchief and ... a birdie. Not really a parrot, more like a sparrow with pretensions.

Quite a few gift shops have been carrying these great little birdies of late - not sure what the bodies are made of but they are very light-weight, reasonably realistic and often covered in twinkle stuff. Usually instead of feet they have a clip which makes them very useful and they are quite cheap. With the addition of a few more feathers you can make these birdies rather fabulous. The chap above had a very stumpy little tail until last night when I glued in 3 nice long green ones. He has a spring instead of legs and bounces about nicely - here is another of these birds (also green - they do come in other colours but Grandson & I like green!) posing with Lillian before his new feathers ...

and after his make-over!

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