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Monday, 26 April 2010


In January I blogged about spinning up yarn in "Manly Colours" (as in masculine) ... time I showed you what that yarn has become.

Beanies -
Here is one in close up - this colour-way I've named "Green Shoots" :-)
And this colourway is called "Sydney Harbour " - when you sit on a wharf and stare into the water of our gorgeous harbour - these are some of the colours of the water. A mix of deep blue / greens with pale, almost yellow, shafts of light a quiver through the water ...

"Deep and dissolving verticals of light
Ferry the falls of moonshine down. Five bells"
Only you have to think falls of sunlight instead - sorry Kenneth Slessor. I've knitted a child sized beanie in the Sydney Harbour colourway - so it is a Father & Son set.

All those yarns are handspun from Bendigo Woolen Mills roving (or sliver) the charcoal and dark navy are BWM dyed, the other colours I dyed.

This beanie is made of re-purposed yarn. I found a half knitted jumper and lots of unused yarn in an op-shop - un-ravelled the knitting and used my spinning wheel to ply two colours together for a tweed effect.

And finally - a Gumnut - I spun this yarn from undyed, naturally brown fleece and undyed alpaca - using the alpaca to make tufts. It really does look like a gumnut that has been on the ground for a while.

All these Beanies are currently for sale in a friend's hat studio in Newtown.

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