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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Roses and a mini bathroom

Bought some gorgeous old-fashioned roses at our local Farmers' Market yesterday ... wish we had smell-a-'puter because they smell even better than they look.

And there is no need to worry about how this bathroom smells - it is part of my dolls' house!

Originally started for our daughter about 25yrs ago - this dolls' house is a converted cupboard which means it is all about the interior and there are no chimneys to fall off or roof tiles that catch the dust. The wood on the side of that photo is the door of the cupboard.

Daughter quickly disowned the dolls' house and it has become another of my UFOs (UnFinished Projects). So - in an attempt to provide myself with some motivation, I'm posting about it. The bathroom is one of 3 rooms on the top floor/shelf of the cupboard. I'm quite pleased with the ceramic-ware which I painted - we couldn't afford gorgeous repro flowered ceramic-ware for our own bathroom when we renovated but I could make some for the dolls' house :-) and the light fitting is OK though it doesn't like to hang straight! (it is made of beads, string and Fimo). However, the green paint job needs redoing and the 'window' at the back is rather awful. Also I need to make towels and things but have been completely stuck for suitable fabric.

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