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Friday, 26 March 2010

My new Winder and the Dolls' House

My latest Gadget ...

a ball-winder. Have been wanting one for winding up my home-spun and home-dyed yarns as they look so lovely and professional when wound neatly on one of these gadgets - however - the retail price of these quite simple gadgets is bizarrely astronomical. So I waited (not very patiently) and on the weekend, browsing through the 2nd hand shops ... found this one for $25 :-)

Have been 'playing' with my dolls' house this week - finally solved the problem of suitable fabric for miniature towels (more later - when I finally finish them!) and have done lots of work on the bathroom. Lots of fun with tiny pots of smelly paint!

In my previous post I was probably a bit confusing about how this dolls' house works - it is a cupboard - an idea I copied from one I saw in a tiny museum in Queensland almost 30yrs ago. Here are photos with the doors shut and open

3 rooms per floor / shelf, no doors or stairs but some (fake) windows.

And here is the bathroom - newly painted.
I've filled in the hole in the ceiling, added cornices, skirting tiles, and a border at the top of the tiles. Also I've made a flower pot for the wire stand and fixed the light fitting so it hangs straight! And I've sent away for a proper window. Once the towels are finished, the flower-pot 'planted' and that window installed and curtained ... I think I'll be able to say the bathroom is done! Dolls' houses are like real ones - once you start ... ...

Will I work on the Nursery next?

It needs: a new light fitting, more pictures, better curtains - lots of soft furnishings. At least I think it has enough toys :-)

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