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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fun with Colours

I've been having fun with the dye-pot again.

This will (eventually) become a knitted dress for my granddaughter - Bendigo Woollen Mills' "Luxury 4ply" in a rather dilute mix of Sandolan "blue 3G Turquiose" and a little bit of Landscapes' "Kelp".
I was really happy with that aqua colour so I popped about 100g of roving / sliver in the pot (also from Bendigo Woollen Mills)

Now, what to make from that ... spin it lace-weight and make a shawl ??

Well, the rest of the Sliver was sitting there looking very white so I made a start on an idea I've had for a while - to spin yarn that looks like the water of Sydney Harbour. I was sitting on a wharf, eating my lunch on a bright sun-shiny day, looking into the water trying to see the fish and I kept thinking of these lovely lines in Kenneth Slessor's wonderful poem "Five Bells"

"Deep and dissolving verticals of light
Ferry the falls of Moonshine down. Five bells"

only, being the middle of the day it was sun-shine that was being ferried down ... "deep and dissolving verticals of light" ... Wonderful words.

Well, I'm envisaging the finished yarn as a tweedy variegated - mostly a dark blue green with this as the "light"

It is actually a little more intense than the photo shows - it is Landscapes "Kelp" with a sprinkle of Sandolan Brown.

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