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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Embrace the Lace

Lace is my current obsession - I'm determined to learn how to make bobbin lace this year and have joined on lovely on-line group of lace-makers. And now for a tale of "inspiration" or the torturous path of creativity ...

Last Saturday I was getting my hairs done again and one of the young hairdressers was wearing a lovely vintage crochet singlet top - it got me thinking. Then a member of the lace group posted a photo of a multi-coloured lace shawl and as I tried to work out how that shawl was made, I realised that I knew some methods to stitch together a miscellany of lace pieces. Now I've collected small bits of lace for several decades - left-overs from sewing projects, bits un-picked from vintage garments, pieces rescued from the scrape bins in costume workrooms ... the result is yet another of those stashes that sometimes threaten to over-whelm me.

SO - I got out an old pattern for a singlet / camisole top and poured out the bag a lace bits ... a bit of sorting out into colours ...
then a whole day spent pinning and sewing and Voila !

yeah well I feel it is a Voila moment. That's the front with a lot of Broiderie Anglaise and ribbon. It is not finished yet, the boring tidying up at the back is yet to happen and it needs straps but I am very pleased with the result of all that work. A pretty little top (hopefully sellable in my Etsy shop) from a pile of lace bits. Now to start on that pile of cream and ecru coloured pieces ...

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