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Saturday, 26 December 2009

J is for Jellyfish & O is for Octopus

More Alphabet knitting - an ongoing project for our grandchildren.

And thanks to Hansi Singh's "Amigurumi Knits" for some great knitted toys for some of the difficult letters of the Alphabet :-) In fact, I've plotted all the alphabet now except for the letter V. V is a problem - vulture and vampire are rather scary for very young children and they are not Australian critters, same applies to viper. Vixen might be the best idea - unfortunately we have plenty of feral foxes. If you can think of a good knitted toy for the letter V - please leave me a comment ... it doesn't necessarily have to be an animal.

Meanwhile, here are J and O ...


  1. what about velvet worm!!!! they are found in australia !!!see them at this link

    velociraptor or violin or viola (flower) or vertebrae

  2. thanks for those fab ideas, says she just having looked up velociraptors :-) wow! they had feathers! As yet though, our grandson is showing little interest in dinosaurs - he is into cars but I don't fancy trying to knit a Volkswagon or a Volvo!
    A Velvet Worm is a lovely idea - it would look great done in a chenille yarn ... thanks Carina

  3. definitely chenille !!!

  4. Aren't they beautiful! hmmm with those pretty speckles ... I wonder if they make a chenille yarn with a bit of a metallic thread? guess I could hold a metallic sewing thread with a chenille yarn - that would be perfect ... :-)