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Monday, 25 May 2009

That Big Red Hat again etc

Carina asked for a bigger (in terms of pixel thingos) photo of that hat ...

The brim piece was only 14sts wide - but in the space of those 14 sts I had bobbles, eyelets, cables and short rowing :-)

In other news today:
One of my patchwork skirts (from up cycled fabrics) has been featured on the Mellow Tones Handmade Shopping Guide blog:

I have that skirt in my (now downsized) ArtFire shop but there are some others (in different colour-ways) in my Etsy shop :-)


  1. thanks!! thats better for me!! very inspiring...i have just gasp! horror! bought a singer LK 150 knitting machine on ebay to get me through the boring bits (i am slow) but i am intending to do lots of embellishments once i learn how :) and i am going to try one of those gorgeous patterns i bought in your etsy shop :) maybe by spring i will have some pictures to post

  2. Wow - I didn't realise you were a customer :-)

    Let us know how you go with the new/old knitting machine - and with the patterns you got from my Etsy shop :-)

  3. yes! hehehe! carina aka tranquillita.........i bought your "Vintage Early 1960's Knitting Pattern Patons No. 696 ACTUAL PATTERN" back in march! :)

  4. How Wonderful - you were my 1st customer for my Knitting shop :-) I just love the way we can make links with people through the World Wide Wobble... Yea!