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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Spun Sky and a Purple Hat

Showing off my latest hand-spun - and the first completely spun on Kevin (my new Majacraft wheel).

Don't you think it looks like the sky - on a sunny day (in Sydney it is getting hard to remember what a sunny sky looks like!) Most of this is going to be a birthday pressie for my mother (it's OK she doesn't read blogs) but I'm keeping a little bit to make something - I don't know what yet.

I'm also showing off my latest millinery, even though it is unfinished because I just love this hat.
Why do I love it?

1. it is purple

2. it is felt and I love working in felt because you sculpt a felt hat over a wooden block and those blocks are often really old

3. it is all curves

4. I got to use one of my favourite old wooden hat blocks for the crown

5. and I've turned that crown back-the-front (I love being subversive)

6. I used another of my fabourite hat blocks for the brim

7. I'm going to use Indian ribbon for the trim, twinkle twinkle, (that's the ribbon draped about Linda's shoulders)

8. it is purple

Oh I do love my purple hat.

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