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Monday, 23 March 2009

I'm Back

Back from the "holiday" and needing another to recover!

Did get some crafting done ... knitting and tatting (you can tat on planes - they will confiscate knitting needles as being dangerous weapons but tatting shuttles are OK).

Here is some of the tatting - I'm not very good at tatting yet and get mysterious twisted bits but I'm pleased with this.

No I'm NOT making a doiley or even a "glass mat" as per the pattern, I'm adapting to make something for my Blythe doll, Lillian. Like her name-sake Lillian Gish, my Lillian is a star of stage & screen and this red lace is to be part of a Spanish inspired costume! wonder if I can manage to tat a shawl as well?

I have also, finally, set up a 2nd shop on Etsy. My main shop was getting too large and messy (I make and sell such a wide array of items, it was looking quite untidy) - so now I have a 2nd shop - just for my hand-knitted items and related things. Here is the link Lyndell Knits.

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  1. What a pretty piece of tatting that you are making there! I love that we can tat on planes! It's so much fun, too, because it usually attracts some fun attention from the stewardesses and the people around so I get to do some teaching as well when I take it. Your Blythe doll costume looks like it is going to be gorgeous! I do hope you show it to us when you are done. Now that I know you tat I'll be "following" you! MWahhh ha ha ha ha haaaa! ;)