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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Frilly Romantic Hooded Thing

Finished this ages ago but had been deferring listing it on Etsy until I had the 2nd (knitting only) shop up and running. Took photos using Linda the Eyeless as a model and did the listing yesterday. Am rather proud of this hood ...

It is my own pattern - the design inspired by some vintage patterns - knitting c. 1950s for a simple hood with scarf ends & crochet 1940s patterns for lovely befrilled and shaped headscarves (interestingly the patterns called them Fascinators). I also wanted to make something that pulls on over the head and sits about the neck like many of the modern knitted cowls and "scarflettes".

The yarn is my own hand-spun, lovely strong colours that remind me of the Great Barrier Reef (cobalt blue sea, gorgeously coloured corals, flashes of silvery fish ...) I was aiming for long lengths of colour in the variegations. The wool is really soft to handle too - quite lovely.

But I really like the shape/s I managed to get in this and will be using the pattern again :-) Love the romantic way the hood falls about the face - with the frilling it is very pretty and flattering and I really love the little "pixie" point to the top of the hood (shouldn't all hoods have one?) Most of the shaping is done with short-rowing - my favourite knitting technique at the moment.

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