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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Busy with Hats

I've been forced to admit that yes, I do have too many hats. So, to make room for the new hats that I'll be making this year in the Millinery class I'm selling some - mostly in the Etsy shop though the cheaper ones will also be listed on ArtFire.

But having great photos is very important when you are selling on-line and hats don't seem to sell unless they are shown on a head, with hair etc. This was a problem until I realised that although her eyes have fallen in (and now rattle about in her elongated neck) Linda the half-a-mannequin would make a great hat model. I'm not sure where our daughter found Linda but she has had a few adventures while she has been with us including several strange hair-dos and some interesting make-up. Well we've scrubbed her up, repainted her make-up and today I bought her some new hair (the previous wig had faded and was almost green). It is only a cheap joke-shop wig and a bit shiny but it is long, wavy and a nice red/brown.

Here she is modelling a green felt that I made some years ago. I love this one but I never did get around to sewing an outfit to go with it. Strange but perhaps because most hats shadow the face and Linda has extremely long, camel-like eyelashes you really can't see that she has no eyes! I thought she'd have to wear sunglasses.

Well, it worked ... one of the hats (a pink free-form fabric hat) sold within minutes of being listed - Yea! - it's going to a lady in Canada :-)

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