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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Snowmen - in Australia?

Audrey :  Our mummy has been busy knitting - let's see what she has been making ...
... hmmm, looks like a lot of white peanuts and coloured worms!

Imogen :  I think this is the prototype - they are tiny little snowmen.
 Audrey : Looks cute, but what is a snowman?

Every year I knit little Chrissy decorations as small Christmas gifts for family & friends - last year I made lots of Santas (see this post)   this year it is to be Snowmen.

Both Santas and Snowmen are MochiMochi Land patterns.   

As I've started quite late this year I am glad that the snowmen are rather faster to make than the Santas were :-)

And I love the way they sometimes turn out a bit different - this one has quite a 'personality'.

Do you know the collective noun for a collection of Snowmen? 
Some say a "dusting of snowmen"
Others say a "melt of snowmen"
I live in Australia - so I'll go with the melt!

A Melt of Snowmen!
And here is a little bit of Snowmen Spam.


  1. Oh they are so cute Lyndell, what a lovely gift they will make!