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Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Newest Dolly Darling

Time I posted here about my lovely new Blythe doll. She arrived just over a week ago.
She is here at last!
All the way from The Netherlands!  So it is understandable that she was a little jet-lagged and rather overwhelmed at meeting her new dolly family ...

Audrey was amazed at how beautiful she is,

Violetta remarked on her gracefulness.

Lillian did the introductions - our new doll is called Imogen LaMarr.
Imogen for Imogen Cunningham who was a wonderful photographer and LaMarr for Hedy Lamarr, a hollywood legend who had brains as well as beauty.

Imogen is a customised Gentle River and has the gorgeous GR hair - she also has sleepy eyes, a carved mouth, a matt face ...  She has a bit of work done.

Imogen wearing the mohair suit that Lillian designed and knitted in preparation for her arrival ...
Busy Knitting 

Imogen & Lillian are now the very best of friends.

And today, Lillian gave Imogen some squishy green cowboy boots and explained that Imogen could share all the boots except for the froggy ones - they are Lillian's favourite & Very Special Boots.


  1. Lyndell you are soooo lucky to have Imogen and I am absolutely green with envy! I have had Gentle River on my wish list, but alas I keep spending my pennies on everything else ... silly me! If I could have just curbed those impulse buys I would have one by now. :)

    1. Thanks :-) I do love Imogen, I'm sure you'll get a GR :-)

      yours Lyndell