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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Busy Sewing with Lovely Fabrics

This last week I've been busy sewing some yummy fabrics - mostly soft silk & rayon velvets, some of them with devore or burn out designs.

I've been making more of my 1930's style Kimono Cocoon Wraps - I never know quite what to call them but they are rather lovely as a throw it on, instant touch of glamour. 

I've kept one in this mauve / grey colour and wear it all the time.

The 7 I've just finished making are all for my Etsy Shop.
Dark Blue Florentine Devore
Lt Blue Florentine Devore
Mauve with Black printed Devore

Lovely Rich Ruby Red

Plain Velvet in a Smoky Brown / Grey colour
 And - because I've been asked so many times - I've made some very Bridal ones too.  One in ivory lace -

The other in lovely soft rayon / silk velvet ... most of these Kimono Wraps have beads strategically placed for their weight (as did the original vintage 1930's wrap that I have copied).  I put a fall (or 3) of beads on the centre back point and groups of beads on the front corners.   Here are the pearls I sewed on the bridal velvet Kimono - it is a lovely buttery soft velvet.


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