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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

More Knitting for Bythe - 2010 / 11 Fashion

It seems that I love assigning myself rather long-term projects ...
This one is for my granddaughter - I've bought her a Blythe doll & the idea is that every winter and every summer I will make the doll an outfit that reflects the fashion of the time.  Not haute couture / strange cat-walk fashion but what I see young trendy women wearing on the street.  Then when granddaughter has one of those VIBs (Very Important Birthdays) - 18, 20, 21 ???  she will get the doll and a collection of outfits - 2 for each year of her life.

Of course I'm behind with the project but after a flurry of knitting I've finished the outfits for last year!

Winter 2010 -

In grey self striping sock yarn (a cotton blend called "On-Line")  a little suit.  Simple pencil skirt and not-at-all-simple short jacket.  Little jackets like this were still very in this year and they do remind me of the fashions of the 19teens - feminised tail-coats etc.  Anyways - I did lots of short-rows to make the almost circular peplum - long at the back with a box pleat, curving up to a raised waist in the front.

 Back View
There is a wee half-belt with buttons at the back, a standing collar, 3/4 sleeves quite loose and with big cuffs. Collar & cuffs in Moss (aka Seed) Stitch.  A winter outfit has to have accessories - I'm planning to make a big bag, I have made a beret.  It is a Meret by Woolly Woormhead sized down by using thinner yarn and needles (ps: link is to Ravelry).

Summer 2010 / 2011


 Teeny weeny shorts - in a denim coloured yarn (again meant for socks) and a bat-wing top.  Very 2010 / 11 and also quite 1980s - there is nothing new under the sun!


The top is in a lace-weight yarn (Knit Picks Shimmer) I loved this yarn in the skein but when I started to knit a shawl with it I didn't like the way the colours pooled - on this tiny project the short length variegations work much much better. 

And a little Post Script:  Just before Violetta & I did this photo-shoot I got new prescription glasses (now on multi-focals which does make me feel old!!)  However, I must really have needed new glasses as I'd not noticed before that Violetta has really pretty painted nails - lavender colour   :-)

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