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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

And then there were 3 - Another Dolly Story

Audrey & Lillian were on a modelling shoot, colourful maxi dresses for Summer, but it was not going well.   The light was wrong, the photographer was grumpy, Lillian was having a bad hair day ... nothing was going right.

Frustration causes orange eyes in Blythe Dolls
Then some parcels were delivered and the photo shoot was abandoned ...
Excitement causes pink eyes
Audrey :  This enormous box is from Junie Moon, don't some Blythe Dolls come from there? 
Lillian :   Let's open the smaller parcel first - I think it might be the shoes we were meant to be wearing with these dresses.
What is in there?
 Yes - the smaller parcel was the platform shoes to wear with those maxi frocks.  Blythe dolls just love getting new shoes!
Yea - new shoes!

How do you manage to walk in these?

Audrey :  Whoa!  We are very tall now but I feel quite wobbly, think I'll just lean against the box.
Lillian :  You get used to them - Carmen Miranda used to dance in platform shoes like these.
Audrey :  Goodness Gracious!   How did she manage that?  and with fruit on her head!  I don't think I can even walk!

Lillian :  Don't you think we should see what is in the enormous box?
Do be careful with those scissors Lillian.
Audrey : Oh my - a box in a box ... is this like those Russian Dolls?
Lillian : But do you see what is printed on the box ...
Oooo this is SO heavy!

Audrey : Another box ... it IS like those Russian Dolls.

But Look - it is a Blythe

Audrey & Lillian were getting rather disheveled

Audrey & Lillian :   Ooo - how exciting!  Isn't she Lovely! 

Audrey :  It is my cousin a Simply Thumpty Thump.  We are such a large family, us Simplys.

Hello Cousin
Let me help you out of there.
Audrey's cousin has come to live with her and Lillian.  Her name is Violetta.  Violetta is in show business too - she is an ice-skater & dancer and gets a lot of work in musicals and live theatre. 

Audrey explained absolutely everything about her new home to Violetta while Lillian played with her hair. 

Lillian loves Violetta's pink/purple hair and her special mauve eyes. 


  1. Hehehe I love the story, very sweet and funny :D I look forward to their next adventure! xxx

  2. Thanks - seems that my Blythe Dolls are taking over this blog!! But it is fun making the photo-stories :-)

  3. Oh how gorgeous, congrats on the new addition :)