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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Petite Blythe moves in

Seems like the Blythe Dolls are taking over my life!  Certainly the newest (and littlest) Blythe has taken over the Dolls' House.  Bird is a LPS Blythe - she likes Ladybirds and joined the other dollies some months ago.

When I showed Bird the dolls house it seemed that all the furniture was just the right size ... not to big, not to small but just right.  I think Bird has moved in....

Making Biscuits in the kitchen
Replying to her fan mail in the Drawing Room
Playing Bach Toccatas in the Parlour

And making friends with the Cornish Rex Cat
At the dressing table
Running a nice hot bath
Bed-time - tucked up in the Nursery


  1. Hee hee heee, you've been linked on Blythekingdom! Have you gotten your invite yet?
    BTW I've enjoyed these pics several times!

  2. Wondered where all those Stats were coming from :-) I'm still in the process of crossing the drawbridge into the Kingdom ...

    Thanks Brook, glad you enjoyed these pics :-)

  3. Your dollhouse is so cute! And your dolls are lovely!