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Monday, 21 February 2011

The Jet Set

The dolls are going on an overseas holiday for the first time this year and they are terribly excited. They will be going to France (naturally) so Audrey has been reading a biography of Madame de Pompadour, whereas Lillian has been reading Maigret novels and studying French ... Je suis une poupée .... Deux botttles de ce parfum ....

They are both convinced that it will be really cold and I've had to knit Audrey a new coat ...
A slight adaptation of the "NxtDrGrrl Hoodie" (longer and with a neck tie) in "Jitterbug" sock yarn.

This morning their passports arrived - causing Much Excitement -

They are really Very Small and it seems that the country of Blythia is in Florence !? The dolls were very pleased that they could choose the colour of their passports ...Unusually, the photos are quite nice !! In the description, under "Eyes" both dolls have 4 colours listed :-)

Lillian had to check that her velvet coat and hat still fitted her ! Honestly, they really are quite twitterpated!


  1. Adorable passports. Did you make them yourself?

  2. Thanks but if I admit to this will I be charged with Forgery?! :-)

    all on PowerPoint - which is good for things other than endless presentations zzzzzz